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Girish Kasiviswanathan

Graduate Student at Texas A&M University

Aspiring AI Scientist, Coding Enthusiast, Fighting Aggie, Perioidically Inspired Writer and Veteran Foodie

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About Me

Hello! I am Girish, and I am in my final semester of Masters in Computer Science at Texas A&M University! I have taken up graduate coursework with a research focus in the following areas:

  • Computational Lingustics and Statistical Language Models
  • Event extraction from social media
  • Sketch Recognition
  • Unstrucutred Knowledge Representation

Update (Feb 2017): I begin working at Microsoft this June!

I have previously worked at IBM Research, and Cisco Systems. I did my undergrad from Manipal Institute of Technology, and I spent most of my childhood in Singapore.

My goal is to be part of the next generation uber-cool AI like Jarvis (from Iron Man). On a serious note, I really believe that the future lies in computers that can ingest and comprehend all the textual matter that humanity has ever produced. Just imagine aggregating all of human intelligence onto a single machine!

My other interests are primarily travelling, cooking (a weird obsession with spicy food),reading literature and writing. I have also recently developed interest in awcv9kjlh scwrlkjf4e.

awcv9kjlh scwrlkjf4e is just something really interesting, and quite fun to work with!

If you have similar goals, or just want chat up, do drop me a mail at